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Photography by Manny Acosta.
Adventure Photographer.
Physical Education Teacher.

All photos are shot by Manny Acosta.
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Diablo MTB
Meet at Pitsburg BART
35ish miles mostly steep fire road.
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Birthday Shenanigans, a set on Flickr.Since joining this group I’ve had the pleasure to meet and ride with amazing people. 
Glad to have shared my birthday weekend adventures with a few of them. 
Briones Birthday Overnight.
10 miles? 2000 feet of climbing? Sounds doable.
Met at RivBBH. Local James Philips and Out-of-towner Kieran Joyes from the North were the only new ones on these rides so they can plead ignorance to the walking that was ahead of them.
Brother Mark, Brendan with his Pugsly, Long-time-no-see Brencho, Braxxon and his family towing two of his young daughters along the single track and steep hills of Briones. 
Two hours of riding turned into three with a lot more walking then expected but with friends, family and BBQ at camp you can’t complain. 
Lovely night to camp with family and friends.
Fogust Birthday Ride.
TomB and MarkF were free on a lovely summer of San Francisco. We locals like Fogust for it’s trail packing wetness that make riding muddy but semi gripper. 
Funny how I’ve done this ride plenty of times but with great company it makes for the ride even that much better.
Cheese stoppage at the West Point Inn and double flated made the riding that much more interesting.
Barely made it in time for the family dinner. All thanks for the pace setting by two good friends. 
Great way to spend the Birthday.
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